Information & cybersecurity

The expertise of our Consultants in the area of Information security and cybersecurity is as a result of many consulting projects completed with successful certification of our Customers.
  • Many of our clients are certified by different worldwide-recognised accredited certification bodies, as per the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27701, ISO/IEC 27017 and ISO/IEC 27018;
  • Some of our consultants are trained in the requirements of VDA ISA Catalogue and TISAX, which is an assessment and exchange mechanism for information security of many companies (OEMs and TIERs) in the automotive sector in Europe;
  • We could help for implementation of PCI DSS v 4.0 (March 2022) – Payment Card Industry / Data Security Standard;
  • We could help for implementation of PA DSS v. 3.2 (May 2016) – Payment Card Industry / Payment Application Data Security Standard;
  • We are in the process of continuous training and follow up in the procedure for implementation of ISO/SAE 21434, which is an international standard for automotive cybersecurity engineering.

Technologies used

The effective implementation of standards for information and cybersecurity requires different information and cyber security solutions. They are software applications, hardware solutions, or both, which is the common case.

Delivering Quantum Resistant Encryption
Quantum Resistant Encryption – Set of algorithms that are anticipated to remain secure once quantum computing moves out of the lab and flies furiously into the real world.
Nowadays not many companies in the world can suggest such advanced solutions to help customers to be ahead of the threat landscape and usage of quantum-safe solution, which is enterprise proven and deployable today.
Our consultancy will guide you on how to take advantage of the future-proof security of your data and communications networks, deploying an excellent solution.
These solutions apply out-of-band symmetric key delivery platforms, which solve the problems of legacy encryption to provide stronger security today and a quantum-safe solution to protect against future attacks.

Quantum-Safe Security for Critical Infrastructure

We could also guide you on how to protect critical industries and their infrastructures from known and yet-to-be-discovered threats with different solutions, and the advanced are the Quantum-Safe Solutions.
The critical industries usually include water and waste, energy, oil and gas, telecommunications, and transportation, and they rely on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to monitor and control a plant and the installations and equipment used.
SCADA systems nowadays are integrated with other third-party systems via the Internet. This exposed the critical infrastructure to new risks and cyber threats as data travels between systems and across largescale networks.
Critical infrastructures and entities are also government agencies and authorities with tremendous amounts of sensitive data.
The attackers harvest encrypted sensitive data today in order to be decrypted later because there is an enormous amount of data having worth for many years ahead.